I am here to be your organization's Sponsor for Change.

My past work experience uniquely equips me to coach and support you through organizational change initiatives, address adversity to proposed changes, and ensure the change is effective and successful. 

Garnering my education — I hold my MBA from Mercer University — coupled with my Life Coaching expertise (I am a certified Life Coach through Life Purpose Institute), I bring both a business mindset and effective coaching system to my Executive Coaching clients that’s unmatched in support of organizational change.

As a sponsor for change, I help upper-level management navigate the forces that pull away from change. Together, we will understand the specific blocks of resistance and develop a strategy alongside a course of action to see change through. This is what I do best. 

I am Elle, an expert in Organizational Change Management and an established professional with a proven background in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, banking, and non-profit organizations. 

I understand firsthand that organizational change is oftentimes dependent on the constant reinforcement from the sponsors of change. This takes tons of energy as well as the ability to motivate through steady and focused leadership. 


The power of a team. Positivity is rooted in change. We are capable of anything with support from trusted advocates. The only constant is change. And how we adapt to it. 


Office gossip. Proliferating distrust. Resistance to forward motion for the betterment of the whole.


Spending time with my family. Teaching Pure Barre. Taking a HITT class. Sipping a nonfat chai tea latte with a good read.


Quiet time with God + journaling. Fresh ground coffee. Workout followed by a protein shake. An early morning walk with my dogs. 

You are the stakeholder’s direct contact for change. 

You are the stakeholder’s direct contact for change. You have to walk your talk for the change to take hold in your department. What you say and what you do matters to your direct reports. You know your team best and how to recognize any resistance to change. I help you successfully reignite the benefits for the change, so that the change initiative is brought to completion. 

I am here to make sure that the process goes smoothly — working to constantly reignite you, the why / benefits for the change, and the power of the change — so you can encourage and guide your team through the successful adoption of change. 

“Elle understands how to work with teams and successfully move them toward organizational change initiatives until they're adopted.”

- Dawn Williams-Zabicki President — Envoy Change Management, LLC

let's work together

My superpower is listening. Through a dedicated approach, we will look at the change and your stakeholders to determine the best way forward — so that the change is not blocked but embraced.

ready for support with organizational change?